Decisions – Sometimes Very Difficult…

Crystal Ball

Ask your crystal ball

The past several posts have been just as “up-beat” as I could make them.  With so many negative, “down-beat” things happening these days, I’ve been trying hard to keep my spirits up – if not just for my own attitude, but also for my friends and relatives who tune in to read my blog.

Unemployment Line - March 2012

Layoffs at Christmas time just stink.

Finding good stuff to yak about is getting more and more difficult.  Let me explain a few things about  this time of the year.  About 14 years ago, I noticed a trend of employment lay-offs that occurs between September 1st and January 5th almost every year. 

Unfortunately, I am sensing that 2012 is going to be a duplicate of the past 14 years of dismal fiscal behavior.  I’m a hoping that the past 3 months of 2012 isn’t a “do-over,” but my crystal ball has been intensely accurate lately. 

So, write down on your cute little January 5, 2013 calendar that our economy is sucking wind, AT&T, General Motors and at least one other huge company has laid off a huge percentage of their employees.  Yes, note what ever is happening over the holiday season.  See how close predictions are and then let me know, okay?  I’ve always been puzzled as to why employers often chose the holiday season for massive layoffs.  …scrouges?  …end of year financial statements must look good?  …WHY????