Stevie Nicks and Me

There’s something marvelous that you feel when you see or hear someone from years ago still doing what they love – and what they obviously TRULY have a passion for.  Stevie Nicks at 64 years of age is still doing her thing, and her commitment, passion and love of music is incredible!

Stevie Nicks 

Nope, I don’t know Stevie Nicks, and she wouldn’t know me if she tripped over me like a loose piece of carpet…but as a fan of her music (mostly the folk music!) for more than 40 years, I am amazed at her stamina and ability to keep on keeping on. 

Heck, she could be at home knitting, reading about world order, or doing some other incredibly riviting thing like crocheting (if you crochet – don’t get mad; I’m just using it as a convenient example of something repetitive that can give you a bad case of carpal tunnel).   . . .But none of that stuff for Stevie Nicks. . . there she is – passionately planning and putting on tour concerts all over the bloody nation and world.  And, yes – Stevie Nicks still has her voice!

After watching a part of the Boston concert last night on television I got to thinking about this thing called passion.  We all have some sorts of passion; hopefully it’s a good passion and not anything creepy . . . like digging up graves on full moon (or other stuff like that). 

You know when someone is passionate.  Stevie Nicks is.  George Carlin and Mother Theresa and so many other incredible people have brought passionate love to the world.  (I know, I know…George was rough around the edges, but you gotta’ admit he had passion!)  Sometimes we exhibit passion in small ways, and at other times in very big ways. 

Oops, this blog is about dying.  Did I get off track here?  Nope, I don’t think so.  The message I want to leave on this blog is that whatever, where ever, and however you are in life – passion should be an important element of your life.

Each of us has that special passion that we can give – even when we’re sick as hell and ready to kick off, have our butt on the toilet and the other end in the bathtub, or are breathing our last breath.  Never overlook the power of passion!

…Doesn’t really matter if it’s a big or little passion in your life – just that you have it and you use it for others

What’s your passion?


Decisions – Sometimes Very Difficult…

Crystal Ball

Ask your crystal ball

The past several posts have been just as “up-beat” as I could make them.  With so many negative, “down-beat” things happening these days, I’ve been trying hard to keep my spirits up – if not just for my own attitude, but also for my friends and relatives who tune in to read my blog.

Unemployment Line - March 2012

Layoffs at Christmas time just stink.

Finding good stuff to yak about is getting more and more difficult.  Let me explain a few things about  this time of the year.  About 14 years ago, I noticed a trend of employment lay-offs that occurs between September 1st and January 5th almost every year. 

Unfortunately, I am sensing that 2012 is going to be a duplicate of the past 14 years of dismal fiscal behavior.  I’m a hoping that the past 3 months of 2012 isn’t a “do-over,” but my crystal ball has been intensely accurate lately. 

So, write down on your cute little January 5, 2013 calendar that our economy is sucking wind, AT&T, General Motors and at least one other huge company has laid off a huge percentage of their employees.  Yes, note what ever is happening over the holiday season.  See how close predictions are and then let me know, okay?  I’ve always been puzzled as to why employers often chose the holiday season for massive layoffs.  …scrouges?  …end of year financial statements must look good?  …WHY????

Bella . . . introducing the most beautiful new girl on the strip!

bella -the latest beauty

Bella – Introducing the Most Beautiful Sweetheart on the Las Vegas Strip!

Ode’ to our precious pets and loving friends on four feet!  Bella has the good fortune to have found a new home.  Alan (Erica’s boyfriend) brought Bella home this past week. 

Great news for Bella and Erica, and proof that Alan  definitely has good taste and knows what to give to his sweetheart! 

Over the next few months, we’ll put up some fun photos as Bella grows. 

Our wonderful furry, happy four-legged friends deserve a tribute!

“Here, Gentlemen, a dog teaches us a lesson in humanity.”

Napoleon Bonaparte, after being saved by a Newfoundland after slipping on his ship and falling overboard. He did not know how to swim, and was kept above water by the dog until he could be rescued. See, everybody loves and appreciates a dog!


Welcome to dog with dog bone

Welcome to your new home!

Goodbye, God Bless

Santa Prisca Cathedral

Santa Prisca Cathedral – Bar Berta Not Far Away!

A loss of an important family member occurred this past week.  My Uncle Dick (Dick Techtmeyer) passed away.  Ask anyone who knew Dick about their impressions of  him, and you’ll hear comments like, “life of the party,” “happy go-lucky,” “loving,” “happy,” “a great guy and a wonderful friend.”  The list goes on…We lost a terrific man, friend, relative, acquaintance…Dick was a total blast and a half!

One of the most impressive adventures that I personally know about is the trip Dick made with his two sisters in 1988 to Mexico.  Richard and I planned our wedding for May in 1988 and sent out invitations to everyone we knew – not expecting anyone but perhaps the village drunk and some of the villagers from our little village of Hueymatla to attend.  

SURPRISE. Never one to miss an adventure or doing something different, Dick decided this was something that was worth attending. Dick, his two sisters Lois, and Norma all somehow hopped on a plane and managed to find their way down to Mexico City.  Dick rented a car (mind you…not speaking a word of Spanish), he piled his two sisters into the car, and he smoked that car out of the rental lot in search of Taxco, Guerrero. “Don’t you worry a bit,” he said . . . assuring his sisters that he knew exactly where he was and where he was going with that 6-pack of Coronas nestled next to him and the emergency brake… The sisters hung on for dear life while Dick drove like a crazy gringo up into the mountains from Mexico City to Taxco, Guerrero.  “Have no fear,” he hollered!

Taxco - The Nearest Town to our Village

Taxco – The Nearest Town to our Village of Hueymatla

Richard and I had the task to find Dick and his sisters once they arrived in Taxco, which was the nearest town to our village which was about 50 miles away…it wasn’t too difficult.  Within minutes we found him and his many new-found Mexican friends at Bar Berta which overlooked the zocolo.  Where there was laughter, Dick was not far away!  Bar Berta rocked that night! 

The day before our wedding, Dick, Lois and Norma followed us out to our humble little village via the “burro trail” of a road to spend some time with us in the “campo.”  I still wonder what he told the vehicle rental people in Mexico City when he returned the rental car at the conclusion of his adventure…

Once he arrived in our village of about 200 souls, it didn’t take Dick long before he hauled out his new video camera and was walking the village and taking in the sites and sounds of the real Mexico.  It also didn’t take much time for him to find the old wooden swinging bridge over the little river that led to an adjoining village of about 8 hearty souls.  Dick made immediate friends with everyone there and had everyone laughing so loud that we could hear the laughter pealing through the valley for miles.

Dick Techtmeyer was a one of a kind.  He was an adventurer.  He never met anyone who wasn’t his friend immediately.  And, he was the life of every party he attended (or danced on a table!).  We will always remember him and love him dearly.  Dick brought a sense of happiness to everyone and every event. 

The view from the veranda of our home in Hueymatla

The view from the veranda of our home in Hueymatla – where we were married May 8, 1988 with Uncle Dick in full Mexican regalia and grinning from ear to ear!

Today my beloved uncle is no longer with us here on earth.  But, God bless him . . . his happy spirit will always remain in our hearts and memories.  I feel honored to have had Dick as my uncle and my friend.  He was one of a kind.  Below is a picture of Dick’s daughter Pamela and me taken about 2 years ago.  Pam and I have a bond between us – – and you guessed it – – that bond is Dick Techtmeyer.  Pam had an extraordinary father, and yes, she knew it!

Pam and Patti - photo taken 2 years ago

Pam and Patti – Photo Taken Two Years Ago

– – Birth is Not The Beginning; Death is Not The End – –

We Love You, and Always Will.

If you have any pictures or stories to share about Dick to add to this blog, please send them to me, and I’ll post them for our family and friends to enjoy.  Send to richardandpattiredd at gmail dot com (written this way, eliminates the spammers but you get the gist!)

Cats and the Art of Zen…

Cats and the Art of Zen...

“I put down my book, The Meaning of Zen, and see the cat smiling into her fur as she delicately combs it with her rough pink tongue.

“Cat, I would lend you this book to study but it appears you have already read it,”  I murmured…


She looks up and gives me her full gaze.  “Don’t be ridiculous,”  she purrs, “I wrote it.”

– from “Miao” by Dilys Laing

Thanks to my Family

We have had the opportunity to spend almost 2 months with my biological uncle, his wife Rose, and cousins Mark and Randy

Much rest and the ability to love each other….

I’ve learned many things about our family — and have read a ton while resting. 

* * *

31 Flavors – Great News Today!. . . I’ve been trying to put some weight on and today  I weighed in at 100 pounds!  Hurrah!

31 Flavors of Ice-Cream

31 Flavors of Ice-Cream – I’ll be at my appropriate weight in no time!

Having gained 15 pounds in a couple of months is one terrific accomplishment. 🙂

Oh Joe, Please Don’t Weep

Sadly – Joe Biden is in good company when opening his mouth and inserting foot.  Many presidents, vice presidents, and all the “wanna-be” and the “real deal” politicians have had major foot in mouth disease.  But – Joe has his own unique style of messing up…here’s a few that made me smile!

  • “Stand up, Chuck, let ’em see ya.” –-Joe Biden, to Missouri state Sen. Chuck Graham, who is in a wheelchair, Columbia, Missouri, Sept. 12, 2008
  • “Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be vice president of the United States of America. Quite frankly, it might have been a better pick than me.” –Joe Biden, speaking at a town hall meeting in Nashua, New Hampshire, Sept. 10, 2008
  • “You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent…. I’m not joking.” –Joe Biden, in a private remark to an Indian-American man caught on C-SPAN, June, 2006
  • “Look, John’s last-minute economic plan does nothing to tackle the number-one job facing the middle class, and it happens to be, as Barack says, a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S, jobs.” –Joe Biden, Athens, Ohio, Oct. 15, 2008 (too bad that Joe can’t count the number of letters in a word…maybe we’re saving that job for another politician – like an educated  president?!)

~Compiled by Daniel Kurtzman

"I hands are clean!:

“I swear, my hands are clean as a whistle! …see, I even washed them so they’re really, really clean!”

I remember  so many politicans through the years who have offered up embarrassing  “oops” on and off microphone.  Four letter words probably don’t qualify as three-letter words, Joe. Ah heck, there are a ton of words out there . . . we’ll just not worry about that malarky!  However, you made me laugh!   If the folks in Washington DC could figure out how many letters are in the word, perhaps, just perhaps, we could get some growth and employment!  Or, is it too late?  Are people voted in as a result of the “Marvelous Plan” for “No Child Left Behind?”

* * * * * * * *

THEFT doesn’t just happen to be left to  the “little people.”  And don’t you forget it for one second;  we’re the “little people!”  To add to Poor Joe’s misery, his van was ripped off bunches of electrical equipment in Detroit, Michigan.  Secret Service agents are hot on the trail of the culprit(s).  Perhaps all the equipment will appear on Cold Case issue #403, and it will be found nestled in a junk yard dealer’s yard.  Or. . . maybe the van and equipment is pulled apart completely south of the border and being resold as I write this epistle.

Pardon me for snickering.

Joe's Van Today

If the van is still hanging around Detroit, I could defintely consider working on this search.  It would be a blast…no?!