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Wedding  In Mexico

We were married in a small village in the state of Guerrero, Mexico in the 1980's

My husband and I are experiencing the affects of “heavy metal poisoning,” specifically uranium poisoning and tungsten poisoning – with a dash of arsenic thrown in…our test results are ‘literally off the charts.’  But we really didn’t need to see the charts to realize that what we have is killing us.

We don’t have many choices left in life.  And, we realize there are many other people “out there” who may be rowing the same boat that we are…we hope you’ll drop by, add your knowledge, find some hope, cry a little (hey, you got to…), and find friends at our blog. 

Dying isn’t something we prepared for.  Dying, also, perhaps, isn’t the “big” issue – we think the most difficult part of it all is the painful road we have to take in the process. 

We’ve had a full and interesting life, but being only in our 50’s, we think dying now is rather unfair, and we’re rather certain a lot of people who face this feel the same way

What’s your story?  How do you feel?  We all deserve a shoulder to cry on, a place of comfort, and a place to yell sometimes.  You’re welcome to do that here.

Sure, we would all like to “Die with Dignity,” but it’s not always possible to do that — sometimes we don’t have the luxury of dignity…there are times that we feel and look like hell.  Whatever the case, let’s just be ourselves!

Beach Bums

Alternate Reality Dream: Here 24/7

To reach us by email simply type richardandpattiredd at gmail dot com (you get the drift…by putting up our email in this manner, less spam hits our email account and we are just that much happier!). 

We would love to hear from you as long as you are not selling weird gadgets with poisonous paint made in China, are pretending to be a Nigerian banker with a pot-load of money waiting for us if we just send you $2,000.00 in a wire transfer today, or if you are selling some sort of apparatus that extends something on our bodies…Jeez, there are good things and bad things about the internet, huh?! 


7 thoughts on “About Us

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  2. Please don’t give up. There’s got to be a cure. Don’t rely on the orthodox medical approach. It only treats symptoms, leaving the underlying cause intact–if not contributing to it. Are you familiar with Earth Clinic? If not, please visit the website at http://www.earthclinic.com, and see what Ted has to say regarding radiation poisoning. Don’t be taken aback by Ted’s English language, as he’s not a native English speaker, but he is definitely a medical genius. His suggestions may hold the key to your cure. You may also ask him directly and see if he has any ideas regarding your specific situation. I pray to God that He heals you and your husband from this dreaded condition you find yourselves in, amen.

  3. I have read about your exposure to uranium and tungsten on Christopher Bollyn’s site.
    I’m also aware that the medical field have limited knowledge to help to remove the toxins from your body, and will prescribe pain killers, which is at least helping. .However I have been a follower of the famous Dr. Richard Schulze for over 20 years and I know of his products especially Formula # 1 and especially Formula #2 that are famous for drawing out heavy toxins and metals out of the body.
    This would be the answer to removing these toxins from your body, once and for all.
    I would strongly suggest you look into this at his web site. https://www.herbdoc.com
    Good luck and God Bless.

    • Thank you – I will look into this immediately. That’s the point of us putting our blog “out there;” to try to find something, anything that may help. THANK YOU – I’ll keep you posted on the outcome and all….Patti

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