Prescriptions – Friend or Foe?

As my husband and I have been wending our way through this lingering condition of U-238 uranium and tungsten poisoning, the number and strength of medications has been increasing.  Last week we had the worst thing happen to us that could – our prescriptions for the month were way-laid for 1 full week.

I’ll skip the details on how the medication shipment got delayed, but suffice it to say, last week we went through detoxification (obviously un-planned and not controlled).  Detoxification of our systems for seven days had us literally physically jerking every limb day and night, throwing up, and all the basic ingredients that every addict fears the most. 

Because the poisoning that we have is so heavy (trust me: uranium is the heaviest heavy metal out there), no cure is available.  Chelation won’t touch this poison.  Surgery won’t work – unless we wanted to have every single organ in our body transplanted (I understand this has been done before, but the chances of survival are about 3%-we think those are lousy odds).

So, today we drink tincture of opium, take about 4 different pain pills, and add in valium….oh, almost forgot: I use a 100 mg morphine patch too. 

Going cold turkey:  Let me assure you that it’s an experience that is uniquely wicked. And, I don’t mean “wicked good.”  Your entire body including all hair folicles and fingernails hurts like hell.  You vomit constantly, and then you lose everything out the other end too.  During detoxification your skin goes from clammy warm to freezing goosebumps alternating every 10 minutes or so.  You cannot sleep, and you long for death. 

I found myself dropped to the floor on my knees praying, “Oh God, just kill me now and get this over with.”

Well, since you’re reading this blog, you know that He didn’t provide that option to me as an answer 🙂  Both of us made it through 7 long days without our medications.  I’m pleased to have a bit more time inspite of how I felt all week. 

Bottom line for us is that although we wish we didn’t have to take drugs, we must if we want to continue living.  If we stop, we will be stopped . . . permanently.

I am completely amazed at how much humans desire to live!  We fight for our lives even when we know that the final conclusion will be death.  No matter how jaded, cynical, angry, or pessimistic we may be: Life Is Important.

There are other important issues: Quality of life and finding a dignity as we die. Unfortunately in the United States of America and most all countries, the dying are not provided a dignifed, comfortable, and painless way to die.  Suicide for terminally ill patients is unlawful (except Oregon – and there are so many restrictions there, that I would advise you not to pack your bags and get right over there…). 

Richard and I have gone full circle on the subject of the right to die.  We firmly believe the laws must be changed to protect people such as ourselves.  We should have a say over our bodies and life.  We must.  Because by not having a right to say when and how I will die from a debilitating condition, the government basically OWNS me. 

There are a few exceptional events in our life where I don’t want the government involved, and the right to die is one.

Going back to being without our medicines for one week for a moment of reflection: It was hell.  But, I found that I have an incredibly strong desire to stay alive through it all.   We humans can take a lot of battering and pain for just one deep breath of air.


7 thoughts on “Prescriptions – Friend or Foe?

  1. I think the best thing people can do for themselves when they are hurting is to reach out and help others when possible. So many spiritual teachings focus on this. I see that you have not been granted the option to leave your own life but that you have been granted the opportunity to serve others by providing this platform for helping, sharing and kvetching. The “wounded healers” are the best there is. Thank you.

    • Thank you! Self-absorbtion isn’t healthy and I appreciate your gentle nudge to look at helping others. You have given me something great to think about and implement. It’s really easy to complain and cry in my soup – time to do for others… 🙂

      • You know, I think you are helping others by making your site available as a place where others can also tell their stories. And also by being yourselves, that helps others too. Hang in there. I’m keeping you in my heart.

  2. Hi Patty,

    I read your story though Bollyn’s site. I have been reading about DU for years. Reading about your personal suffering makes me want to share my view.

    I am not sure if there is any way out from your poisoned condition, but if there is – you will never going to get the information out from any governmental health office in any country. They are as deeply rotten as is the industry which drove you in poisoning at the first place. What I know, there is cure for every form of cancer, hiv, ebola etc. with not more cost than a few dime. That is no-ones interest to publish, that’s not making the money to go around into right pockets. We have pure good willing doctors killed because they actually cure people with these disease.

    For your condition, I prefer you start reading everything you can about material named MMS (MMS1 or MMS2). That has ability to oxidize any heavy metals within body and get them out little by little. This can be used with other medicine you are currently using. It will do no harm in body’s healthy tissues and also completely healthy people can use it regularly without harm – what it’s doing – it’s activating body’s natural immune system, no rocket science, your body makes the work when it has the tools. You can make MMS at your home and use it by yourself. You must know the material, it’s reaction and listen to your body while using it. When something is truly helping your condition, you can notice it within hours or at least the first days.

    That’s all I can say to help, to be curious of mms and make research by yourself. Health industry won’t listen if you ask them about MMS, most likely they would say “it will kill you”. I guess that wont scare you anymore. This “something” may have potential to actually get your condition better, without investment.

    Warm regards,


    • Thank you – – we will look into this. If it can’t hurt us, then we’re willing to try! We’ve tried our share of weird stuff that has cost us a fortune; and we’re very leary of anyone who sez “this will cure you – I guarantee it!” Usually that’s a good reason to stay away from it. However, if something is suggested, we are open to it because quite frankly, all we have to lose is our lives. Thank you for your good thoughts, Richard and Patti

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