Thelma & Louise aka Thelma & Louis

Soaring Over Lake Tahoe

Soaring Over Lake Tahoe on the most beautiful day possible!


Remember Thelma and Louise?   We took a scene out of that movie, and yesterday, at the spur of the moment, took a soaring trip over Lake Tahoe.  What an exciting and knock-out gorgeous trip we had. 

We scrunched up together in the back seat behind a wonderful pilot, and off we went from the Truckee airport…At 11,000 feet the plane towing our glider dropped the tow line and off we soared up and over breathtaking views of the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe and the beachfronts of the lake.

This was the coolest thing ever!  GO if you ever have the chance to do this for yourself. 

We figured that taking a glider ride over the most impressive northern California mountains, trees, lakes, and reservoirs was worth a shot.  Oh, yes, it was!  We grinned and laughed like a couple of little kids at Disneyland. 

You know…what we saw was spectacular Mother Nature in all it’s beauty.  After grinning – we both welled up with a few emotional tears…so grateful that we shared this adventure together – knowing that throughout our lives together, it has been one long non-stop adventurous experience.  We are grateful.  We feel honored to have been able to meet the terrific people we have, make friends with people from all around the world – from Bali, Indonesia to Andros Island, Bahamas. 

Flying towards the east bank of Lake Tahoe

View at about 6,000 ft. in elevation as we were flying towards Lake Tahoe

We’ve been watching our health deteriorate rapidly in the past month.  We miss being “normal;” whatever that could be…Taking this glider ride was a reminder that there are experiences still out there, and we will not just sit here feeling sorry for ourselves.  Viva life!

Yes, lately things have been sucking wind in some important departments of our lives.  Increased side effects from opiates and pain killers.  Pain killers that don’t work. 

We know that whatever we do these days will most likely be the last time that we do “that.”

But, darn it all to heck. . .we are still breathing, and we’ll do what we can to continue (but still maintain that DNR in our charts and in our wills).  While we are able to move around, we want to stay LIVING, which includes doing things that make us smile and keep a feeling of love and excitement together.

After our awe-inspiring soaring trip, we drove back to the town of Truckee and found a scrumptious restaurant/bar to see what other great things we could do to make our day complete.  We didn’t get too far walking the little “old town” there at Truckee before finding a fun restaurant with side-walk seating.  Fabulous day in all respects…

We are both ‘oh so’ grateful that we had the opportunity to add yet another adventure to our list of “mission accomplished” items!

Soaring over Lake Tahoe

Soaring isn’t just for the birds!

Sometimes, even when you know that you can’t afford to do something, you just have to do it anyway.  …particuarly when you remember the experience you have (in our case – gliding over the most gorgeous country on the west coast of the United States)  is a treasure of love and a knock-out memory between you and your love!

There are some very special people who made this trip possible for us.  You know who you are!  THANK YOU K and M – for your caring and love to us.




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