Love Doesn’t Discriminate

Love involves a commitment in everything that we do, think, and say.  In my opinion, love/commitment is one of the most important thing in our lives.


It’s difficult to imagine being willing to give up your life for someone  you love – much less for a complete stranger. I think about our veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan these days – with appreciation and love.  They have been working to keep the terrorists off our shores and fighting to keep terrorism away from our frontyard.


Love is expressed in many other ways, too.  Giving and sharing to someone who needs physical or monetary help.  A shoulder to cry on.  Being quiet and listening instead of talking….a simple touch or a big bear hug.  Love is a remarkable healing capability that we, as human beings, can give.  Don’t discriminate! 


Deli Loves

Deli Loves

Little story: Last evening, my husband Richard made a spontaneous bet that our cat, Deli, would not come up and jump into my cousin Randy’s lap.  Deli The Cat is not too affectionate, so Richard thought this $20.00 bet was a “shoe-in.”  Within 2 minutes Deli jumped into Randy’s lap, purring and rubbing up against his hand…and Richard paid the bet!  I was sitting on the couch chuckling about it . . . and still am.  Love is a special attribute.  I think we all need to do more of it!  Not that drama stuff we see in the movies, etc. – but love with a sweetness.


So, this morning I give thanks to our American troops and to anyone and everyone who gives of themselves with love.


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