Planning for the Future

How do we plan for the future? …particularly when we know that there’s not much future left for us…

It’s difficult to deal with and plan for what’s coming up in our lives. Heck, planning for anything is hard, regardless of our health, happiness and all that jazz.

I’m sitting on the couch with family – wondering about all this planning stuff.  I think it’s important to have our family and friends clued in on what our desires are.  I know our desires aren’t always going to be met, but I gotta’ believe we need to let people know what our preferences and desires are…family (unless they don’t like us much!) want to do what is fair and right by what WE want).


Planning for the future, I have found that I don’t want a darned thing.  Need things – yes / Want things – why?!


Holding Hands = Love

Holding Hands = Love

I think I’ll plan on holding hands with Richard this evening.  Now, that’s a NEED!  I feel my heart nourished when we hold hands…feeling that fabulous feeling of being loved and cherished is soooo soooo important to all of us.


We are in a place right now with family that makes us both feel loved, safe and secure.  This is a sincere need for us right now.  Our physical and psychic pain isn’t curable, nor is it helped by medicines (perhaps a clunk on the head with a hammer would help!).


But, you know, physical touching, gentle looks of love and affection can get you through a lot of pain.


2 thoughts on “Planning for the Future

  1. You are so right about the “physical touching, gentle looks of love and affection can get you through a lot.” They say that everyone needs these to be nurtured. I am so glad you having your husband, and your family and friends with you.

  2. Everyone needs to be shown affection…even a sincere smile, hugs, holding hands etc. It is especially important when we are going through tough times. Love and blessings to you Dear. And a hug from me.

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