Pain Management

Over the last 3 years I have heard much conversation and read a lot about “pain management.”  …sounds like a great idea to me.  So, why can’t I find it?!


I do know that every chronic or long-term patient has thought about it. You just can’t get through your day without thinking about how best to combat pain.


Unconsciously I bite the inside of my mouth when pain gets the upper hand. . .I think it’s because by causing pain in another area of my body, it minimizes the pain in my gut and other areas on my body that are painful – so, biting the inside of my mouth kind of distracts me.


Think about this: if you had lung cancer and were going through a lot of suffering because of that, you would try like heck to make the pain go away, right?!  So, I think it’s probably normal for us to try to distract ourselves from chronic, harsh pain.  And, if you can’t get the right medicines immediately, our natural inclination is to do anything in our power to Stop The Pain!

Friendship-Always Good for the Soul!

Friendship-Always Good for the Soul!

What are your favorite coping methods?  I would love to hear from you and find out about what works for others…Here are some of mine:

  • Rocking
  • Re-visit some of my favorite places in my mind (particularily scuba diving spots that stand out in my memory) 
  • Writing Lists of Fun Things I Have Done and then re-reading the list. (thanks for that one, Mark!)  Funny, but I revisit this list and can always add to it
  • Stub My Toe (Diverting my mind to another part of my body)
  • Talking and Listening to my Husband
  • Calling a Friend
  • Have a Good Cry – – I mean a big, loud and blubbering cry some where nobody else will hear me


What are your favorite coping mechanisms?  Inquiring minds want to know!


This morning my “pain medicine” will consist of roling over in bed and snuggling with Richard.  It’s a little after 6am and after being up any period of time, I find the pain starts rocking my little world no matter how much morphine I take or how many pain relieving patches I slap on my body!  This morning my vote is to snuggle.


4 thoughts on “Pain Management

  1. Pain management – anything to do with warmth/heat. Warm baths, warm bed, hot water bottles, electric blanket. On the odd day, though, the exact opposite, ie cold compression packs. Anything to calm down those inflamed nerves…

    • You are soooo right – if warmth doesn’t work, cold might, and sometimes going back and forth with heat/cold helps — anything better than medicines if I can avoid them!

  2. Sorry you’re in pain. Sending cyber hugs and prayers your direction and hoping that the pain will ease for a while at least.

    I’m sure you already know this, but restating in the hope that you can forgive the people who are letting you down. The lack of pain management out there is a multifaceted problem. First of all, pain is a subjective problem; there is no such thing as “I feel your pain.” Bummer. Second, different people have different levels of perceived pain for similar observed stimuli. Third, Drs who have been entrusted with managing pain are always wary of its legal ramifications. They know that their prescribing habits can land them in jail even when they’ve used pain meds appropriately, since regulators can be clueless when differentiating between legitimate pain management and drug-seeking and/or profit making behavior.

    I know it’s not your birthday til November, but if you want to send an audio card to someone here’s an option. In the meantime, I get more view. 🙂


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