What Happens to People with Uranium Poisoning

The effects of the poisoning are often extremely violent both suddenly physically and emotionally.  For instance; dateline this morning at 4:02 a.m. – I awoke to hearing Richard vomiting in the toilet.  His retching was strong and violent along with tears.  Grabbing a washcloth, I wet it down and held it to his forehead with another one on the back of his neck.  With my third arm I grabbed a clean towel (didn’t know I had one, did you?).  Laying the towel over his back, I re-wet a wash cloth and cleaned his face.  The retching doesn’t stop for about 10 to 15 minutes.  I murmer encouragement and put a little Gold Bond powder on Richard’s back. 


With my fourth hand I muddle through the pill drawer and locate a diazapam and two light-duty sleeping pills.  Oh, yes, and three Lomotil….because at this point, Richard certainly can’t take any Tincture of Opium.  He is back and forth on the toilet with tears and hurting badly. 


He cries just like I do when an attack hits – man, woman, child, adult…this is hell.  After about 30 minutes, the effects wane, and Richard settles back down into the bed uneasily – worrying a little that he’s going to begin throwing up again.  I hold him and talk softly to him … hoping that he can settle down soon.


We worry a lot about running out of medicines to calm the gut and our emotions.  You do what you must.  Sometimes we just lay on the bed or on the floor and rock . . . and yes, we pray.


Knowing that the pain and hurt isn’t going away – – this is our life; settles into our heart — it hurts.  We have each other to take each other: that’s it. That hurts too.


We love each other and we care for each other.  How grateful we are for each other.  It will never get better. 


Just two days ago I was in the same boat as Richard.  And, he was here for me.


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