Uranium Poisoning / Depleted Uranium

Over the past year more information and research material has been eeking out about uranium poisoning…in particular, we’re seeing increased awareness of uranium and tungsten poisoning coming out of the previous gulf wars and now Afghanistan and Iraq.  While I am grateful to see the heightened awareness, so much more needs to be brought to the forefront about this frightening and disturbing “war by other means.” 


Our illness seems to have sped up 10 fold over the past 6 months, yet there are no answers, no doctors, no studies…simply nothing out there to give us hope for assistance or help.  Mainstream media plays the political game quite nicely; putting a happy face on the obvious fact that more and more troops are returning from the war-front carrying with them the horrific affects of depleted uranium.  Many don’t know what they have yet.  What will happen when reality strikes?  When our military troops, their family members, and government contractors begin to exhibit the horrible affects of the poisoning…diahrrea, throwing up, gastro pain, rashes, seizures, strokes, memory loss, weakness…the list goes on.  How long do the governments think they can cover up the reality of this disaster?  One year, two years, five years, 15 years????


The gulf war syndrome was denied for many years – in fact – still is denied by many physicians, veteran hospital staff members, and yes…even patients who are suffering with it and deny the reality.  Amazing:  Sometimes I think we will do anything to avoid dealing with the truth.


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