Good Quality of Life

Life itself isn’t that short anymore.  More and more folks are living into their 80’s and 90’s.  The question is, though, how much quality is there to that life?  I hope for anyone who lives to a “ripe old age” that they have been blessed with good memory, excellent joints and bones, working organs, very little pain, no cancer, and a bright, articulate mind to go with a loving heart…

Struggling with the day to day work it takes to keep ourselves “together,” Richard and I vacilate between whether or not living a long life is a good thing or bad.  I’m glad that I have made it this far – – we have some great memories of our lives together for 24 years.   But, I see us stumble (especially Richard) because Richard has no strength left in his knees anymore.  The pain is intense, but he manages to clench his teeth through it and keep on trying.  There have been several times when Richard has been so ill that he sleeps for 30 plus hours – I think it’s his body keeping him alive.  Me – well . . . I have drama illnesses and weird events.  Go figure.

I’m grateful for one thing right now – – I have been given a second chance to understand a little about God, and put things in a diffferent perspective.  Perhaps that’s the reason we’re still here.


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