Living with Strength

Our lives have taken a 180 degree turn over the past three years – – one of the major problems we encounter with heavy metal poisoning (uranium and tungsten with the dash of arsenic) is fatigue.  This is the opposite of strength and the exact opposite of the way both of us have lived the majority of our lives.

Throw in the towel?  How many times have we thought that would be the answer...

Throw in the towel? How many times have we thought that would be the answer…

We have a friend who has lived for years with a terrible disability and chronic pain.  She has never “thrown in the towel,” and I so admire her courage and strength inspite of all the roadblocks she encounters at every turn of the road.  Surgeries, botched surgeries, embedded new-fangeled gadgets to keep her going…and she keeps a gentle smile on her face every time I’ve seen her.  She is Living with Strength. 

There are so many people around us who are dealing with incredible challenges with a smile.  At times I’m ashamed of my whining.  Particularly when I meet someone such as this friend of ours.  She is an inspiration to us.

Living with chronic conditions involving pain and medicines to keep the pain from making you grind your teeth is an ugly and frightening thing.  There’s no getting around it sometimes.  I try to keep this in mind when I am around someone who is ticking me off, “acting out,” or being an SOB.  It’s possible the person I’m dealing with is going through their own pain.  Like the old saying, “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, and then perhaps you will understand.” 

That’s a very wise saying, and I’ll try to remember it!


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