Thanks for the Present from Halo!

Deli The Nasher came into our lives through the pound.  Reason for the “pick?”  On-line pics of the adorable animals looking for homes were filled with gorgeous and beautiful kittens, cats, and dogs…I scrolled the kitten page to the very end, found the homliest looking kitten (last one – of course).  We picked her out and broke speed barriers to the SPCA.  The folks there immediately took our money, had her “fixed” and we picked Deli The Nasher up the next afternoon.

Temptations for Deli the Nasher

Temptations for Deli the Nasher

Since her introduction to our household, Deli the Nasher has managed to put all electrical circuits, cords, wires, and stuff I didn’t know even existed – – completely out of service.  She is totally addicted to low voltage current….nashing away at it like a crack-head in need of a quick fix… Deli has a special long-distance friend, Halo the Wonder Dog.  Halo’s mistress Ann assisted Halo in selecting something new for Deli to chew on…irresistable for Deli and many thanks to Halo the Wonder Dog!

Over the past several months Deli and Halo have exchanged letters and emails (who said Mistress Ann and Patti are sane people?!).   I guess you could say we are enablers to all other animal lovers who go bonkers over their beloved friends…

Deli got a few btes of “Temptation Treats,”  and in 10 minutes she completely conked out.  Thanks to Halo the Wonder Dog, Deli had a wonderful morning.  All that eating put her straight to sleep. 

What is it about our pets?  We love them no matter what…they can pull off some awful stunts and cost us a ton of money in trying to keep up with remediating their damage.  And if you spank them – you feel awful.

Deli sleeping it off

Deli – conked out after her “Temprations” snack


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