Moonlit Night in the Desert

Last night Richard and I prepared to take a short journey out in the desert by sleeping most of the day.  So, at about 6pm we had the physical energy to drop by Silly Al’s for a $13.00 pizza (big splurge these days!) and we headed south to the vast, now empty spaces in the desert. 

Our Mysterious Moon

Our Mysterious Moon

Earlier this week we found out that last night the moon was going to be closer to our earth than ever before, and we wanted to take a good look at it.  WOW!  It is was incredible and beyond beautiful hanging out in the middle of nowhere watching the moon move across our vision…

Check out this website and you’ll see some fabulous photos. And these guys have a lot of information about the moon too….

Last night reminded me of a terrific “star party” that we went to up in Sedona, Arizona.  It was filled to the brim with astronomy students, teachers, and just us novice star gazers.  We had a great time with our friends, Skeeter and Angela and their son who was just getting interested in star gazing. 

How lucky we are to have seen the beauty of the planets – everyone at this star party shared their astronomy equipment – some very high-tech and expensive viewers and some crazy home-made telescopes.

Last night was known as the “Super Moon.”  And it lived up to it’s name!

Desert Fox

I hope pizza doesn’t make foxes sick to their stomachs!  These little guys who joined the party last night had a great feast…

Oh yes, I did mention pizza, and that turned out to be a   great addition to the evening star gazing.  We were able to eat pizza (which is pretty rare for us).  As we got down to the crusts – we would toss them out in the floor of the desert for the critters to eat . . . not realizing that the critters were hungry that very moment! 

Within minutes of tossing pizza crusts, two foxes arrived on the scene to snatch, grab, run, eat, and return for more.  Brave little guys; coming right up to us within several feet.  I wasn’t sure if we should be nervous or not.  What other hungry scavenger was going to visit us next?

It was a simple night of entertainment and an opportunity to look at nature from several perspectives.  All that for $13.00.  Not bad.


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