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American Flag

 My Top Ten Wishes for Politicians in the USA

– – –

Election year.  Gobs and gobs of money is being spent on campaigns.  Private funds, public funding . . . and on and on .

While all the money is being spent, babes in arms being kissed, and promises are made, I often wonder about the truthfulness and just how much it all means to the average “John or Jane Doe.”

– – –

I have ten wishes for the candidates this year to fulfill while they are flitting from state to state, meeting to meeting, and spending suitcases of money in order to assure themselves the honored position of whatever they are running for… 

– – –

I would like to see each of our candidates do and say things that show just who they really are.  All applicants for this job should be realistic and honest.  Don’t tell us that you will make pigs fly (that’s one of my favorite ones!).  Just say and do some believable things,okay?

– – –

  • Drop by our place (which is an RV, by the way) and join us for dinner – we’ll share a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese and canned beans. 
  • Do the dishes after dinner.  Lucky you – there aren’t many dishes to wash ’cause we usually use paper plates.
  • Tell us about the last time you balanced your own checkbook and worried whether or not if you would have enough to make ends meet at the end of the month.  By the way, did you get it balanced correctly?
  • Take a telehone call from a bill collector at 7:30 p.m. – have to ask that bill collector to “pipe-down” and stop yelling and being so nasty.
  • Call our mortgage company to see if you can renegotiate our mortgage interest rate and/or monthly payment.
  • Wear the same clothing at least 10 times in a month.
  • Get to the check-out counter at the grocery store and realize you don’t have enough money in your bank to cover the cost of the groceries you purchased.
  • Have a chronic and fatal disease and go to a clinic to be told there is nothing that they can do for you…you’re just stuck with it…and your health insurance cancels your policy.
  • Be a teacher in the “no child left behind” system and be forced to pass an illiterate child to the next grade because you have no choice…
  • Be robbed and raped in your own home. When you call 9-1-1, they put you on hold for 20 minutes.  The responding officer recommends that you buy a big, mean dog, and tells you that they don’t believe there’s a chance in the world that the perpetrator will be caught.  (By the way, it’s in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets anyway; unless of course, they count rats as pets).

– – –

You Are Welcome to Drop By to Visit Anytime – To Share Dinner or Just to Visit and Chat

(On A Good Day, We Might Have Some Ice Cream for Dessert!)

Barack Obama - You Are Cordially Invited to Visit

Barack Obama - You Are Cordially Invited to Visit

Mitt Romney - Come On By For Dinner

Mitt Romney - Come On By for Dinner


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