Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday


Today, being Easter Sunday, I did a little morning reading about some of the traditions and background of this day of celebration.  It’s expressed beautifully right here – http://www.fisheaters.com/customseastertide2.html

– – – –

There is much symbolism to this feast day.  I really enjoyed reading about it and learning about an important event such as this — the history and images are fascinating.  The twelve chains tying Satan down throughout the year was a particularly interesting part of the story. Much of the symbolism is very beautiful – such as the butterfly, lilies and decorated eggs.  Each symbol has history and meaning to it…give yourself a little time today and find out about the history of this celebration!

– – – –

I’m definitely not a Catholic, but years ago I had a most unique job as the director of marketing for St. Vincent de Paul Charities in Phoenix.  I felt honored to have the job – and was amazed that they paid me a darned good wage to do the work.

– – – –

I set up television and radio interviews, developed marketing materials for charity events, planned and carried out the charity events, collected monies from more than a few “big wigs” of Phoenix, and generally just made sure that St. VIncent de Paul in Phoenix had the funding to continue feeding and caring for the poor in the community. 

– – – –

helping people in our neighborhood

Helping hands - we can all be here for our neighbors and the needy

Today is Easter Sunday and many people will be sitting down to a feast with their family.  I hope that as we do this, we all remember the people in our neighborhood and in our lives who are in need at this very moment.

– – – –

Send a good thought and blessing out to them – or take it just a step further, and donate your afternoon to serving food or cleaning up at a St. Vincent de Paul shelter near you.

– – – –

If you seriously want to do what is needed, you’ll look around and find something meaningful that YOU can do to help others through an organization in your area…

– – – Happy Easter Sunday to everyone!  Make this a day in which you can help another person and add just a little more meaning to our own lives while we’re at it!


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