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Over the past several years I’ve observed this saying “going off the grid” appearing a lot in blogs, as subject matter in articles about how to live without reliance on major and usual society requirements, etc. 


Richard and I have spent much of our lives “off the grid,” but never thought much of it.  We’re like a lot of folks in their 50s and some in their 60s who began to live a little differently than the main-stream people back in the 1970s. If the majority turned right, we were the ones turning left.  If we were told “you MUST do such and such,” you could be quite certain that we wouldn’t. . .in fact, we would do just the opposite.  Actually, now that I think about it a little, perhaps a few of us were “acting out” as the Dr. Phil’s of the media would say.  My response; “and so?”


,,,,today in 2012, many of us are still living that same style of being off the grid in one form or another. We rebel and fight against normal, usual, rules, and all that jazz.  We don’t want to be categorized and we enjoy challenging experiences in life.  And now I have also found that same feeling goes for challenging this thing we call “death.” 


I am grateful beyond words to live in a country that allows us the freedom of speech, and the ability to be “Off The Grid.”  But, I’m a bit worried these days that our country has leaned more and more against that uniqueness of democracy that I have valued so much. I see so many Americans moving along with the pack of rule makers, greed, consumerism just for the sake of consuming, and playing ball with the “cronies.”  Some of the behavior that we see and do not like is stomping on our rights to be unique and different.


Several times I have found myself joining that crowd, and then suddenly waking up to falling away from my core beliefs.  I hope I will have the courage and attention span to keep myself “off the grid.”  It was good for me then, and it’s good for me now.  Especially now.  We’re in the middle of an extraordinary time in history – I need to stay awake and take note!


Today we are dying from heavy metal poisoning.  That, in itself, is a personal extraordinary event; not one that we are appreciating in any way either.  Lately I’ve wondered about the peculiarities of our condition . . . even our death is “off the grid.”  Figures it would happen to us, of all people.  I know, I know…there are probably a few people nodding, and thinking to themselves, “yeah, those two were always weird – it’s deserved.”  Well, if you are one of them, my middle finger is giving you a nod.


Back to the subject of off the grid…have we forgotten that life and death should be filled with choices?!  Several times when speaking  to a mainstream medical professional, and I’ve said, “I refuse to die in a  hospital – I  will not be subjected to the warehousing of elderly or ill people,” the response has often been a horrified look.  And, sometimes a bit of an arguement may ensue with words like irresponsibility thrown in it!  Good grief; get a grip. 


Off the Grid.  I believe in a few important values, and it includes “being true to myself in all thoughts and behavior.”  If being “Off the Grid” moves me towards achieving my goals, then that’s fine with me.

I love the desert for the uniqueness of its craggy beauty!

I love the desert for the uniqueness of its craggy beauty! The desert is also a little bit "Off the Grid!"


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