On My Wall and In My Heart

Each morning I awaken to a special saying on the wall:

“Real Love Stories never have endings”

* * * * * *

About five years ago Richard bought me a little red wagon so I could drag stuff around – up to the pool, to the laundry room at the RV park we were living in at the time, and all that stuff that believe it or not. . . little red wagons work really well for.  As the years went by, the wagon got crusty and rusty and kind of dirty.  For my birthday last year, Richard spent about 3 hours cleaning and restoring my little red wagon (real picture to come later on the blog!).  I loved him for doing such a sweet and caring thing for me.  I didn’t need a diamond, new earrings, or any of that stuff….I love this little red wagon!

I love my husband Richard with all my heart.  I’m grateful for him everyday and I’m grateful to have found this saying about love stories having no endings – – living and loving a person for almost 25 years does something special to your heart.  Your heart grows with love and compassion. 

* * * *

We know that time on earth doesn’t last forever, but love and eternity do.  I love you Richard.


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