Accepting the path that our life is moving on and knowing the ultimate destination is one of the most difficult aspects of our existence,  We love to think that we are in control.  We are in charge!  We want to take responsibility and be in the driver’s seat. 

Nope.  Not happening.  We can try all we want, but that isn’t anywhere near possible.   There are some little things along the way that we can pull together on our own, but the big picture isn’t ours to control., pigs don't normally fly....

When Pigs Fly - I Keep Waiting!

Years ago I found a favorite saying, “When Pigs Fly.”  Meaning, “yeah right…that will happen when pigs grow wings and fly off into the sunset.”  I haven’t seen a pig fly by and I seriously doubt that I ever will.  Darn it.  Wouldn’t that be fun?

I guess I will just have to accept the fact that pigs won’t fly, and probably won’t fly in my life-time unless someone gets busy with some magic and makes it happen.

Just the same, I shall dream!

Acceptance of illness and our own mortality is a difficult and sad reality.  Life and death is not ours to control.  At some point in each of our lives we must let go and give over the control buttons. 

I’m okay with that, because frankly, as the illness we have has grown more and more difficult to live with, I’m just too darned tired of fighting the good fight.  Exhaustion sets in, humor fades, fear increases in the dead of night, and you begin to realize that this unfortunate time of life leaves you with just a little less energy each day to put up an arguement. 

Let me know when the Pigs Fly!  I want to watch.


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