Crashes – Physical, Mental, Emotional …and that Darned Computer

…I lost the flower powerpoint display that Aletha sent me the other day…due to yet another “hack” on the computer. It had nothing to do with the beautiful flower display, but came out of yet another hacker group having fun. 

I wish I could shoot better, but at least now I haven’t wasted bunches of ammo, right?!

Well, sometimes computerd desert  it, right?

Well, sometimes computers deserve it right?

When I realized that I had opened an infected file and had to restore my settings and everything back for about a week, at first I was really ticked off.

Then I thought  it through a bit…”a wee bit” in honor of St. Patrick’s Day…

This computer thing was a “simple” crash…like about everything out there.  At least the computer crash is not responsible for the end of my life.  

Richard and I are getting through to the end of our lives in a very different and bizarre set of circumstances – poisoning.  After three years coping (and sometimes not coping) with our medical problmes and the side-affects of medicines required to keep us alive, I just figured out that all of this is a crash, and the fall-out isn’t a very pretty sight.

Medical crashes, legal crashes, weather creating upheavals everywhere in the world.  Crashes are becoming a serious condition for people everywhere . . . in truth, there isn’t a person on the planet that some sort of crash has hit them. 

Homeless Man with His Friend

Homeless Man with his Friend

Life has changed deeply and dramatically for so many hundreds of thousands (and that’s just our little continent).

We are at the end of so many things here in the United States…

…where could you possibly begin? 

It literally shakes me to my core.  Moving along through these incredible disasters, so many our fellow friends and neighbors have lost their lives as they used to be and are struggling every moment to simply stay alive one way or another.

Sadly, with the economy being so trashed, a lot of the humanitarian and charity organizations have lost donators and aren’t able to help like “the good old days.”  The fall-out from crashes is huge and so sad . . . far transcending my little problem of losing a few files on the computer.

I guess the question now is:  Who can I help today?

I’ll try to do something.  It’s what we must do – YES, we are our brother’s keeper,


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