Future; Will it Be Short or Long?

We don’t know, do we?  We can make guesses and wonder.  When you know that you have a disease or condition that is extremely serious and deadly, it’s still a question:  How long will we live? 

I’m watching our troops return from the Iraq and Afghanastan regions, seeing the vehicles and armory moving back to CONUS and many more of these vehicles going to non-mainland-places. 

So many of these fabulous indvidiuals who have gone out to these dangerous and deadly places such the “middle east” are returning in horrible conditions.  Some have lost legs, arms, and so many awful things have happened to them and their  families, it breaks my heart,  Afghanastan and Iraq.  Another hell on earth for many, many people – – including the folks who were born there.  Do the majority of the residents live comfortably by any standards?  No, I can’t believe it. 

On a personal basis, we are going through our agony and preparation for death.

My heart breaks as I awaken in the night and hear my husband Richard grunting and thrashing from pain.  We have uranium and tungsten poisoning that we’re failry sure began while working as military contractors in a “non-CONUS” area.  There’s a reason.  The odds are high that military rigs will push heavy metal into people’s systems and pass into the blood system and other areas such as blood marrow that heavy metal poisons hang out.  There is no doubt that the US Military know what the situation is.  Agent Orange, etc…..deny it was much as you chose, but any victim knows exactly what they have.

Over the past six months my husband and I have gotten much worse.  As it continues, it gets more and more frightening. I’ve lost about 60 pounds and Richard has lost about 35 pounds now…just in the last week I think about 15 of those pounds.    

Now we have only really and truly one question: Will the agony before our deaths be short or long? 

We can whine all we want, but it won’t change a thing in our lives.  I listen to interviews with our wonderful troops – so many of these brave people don’t whine, cry, or show weakness.  They show such bravery and courage through all of their pain and suffering.  It blows my mind.

I thank each of you military and contractors who have done  so much  to help the causes of the U.S.  I may   not always agree with the politics, etc., but you and your family invested everything you have. 

Thank you.  And, thank you for putting your future in the hands of God, Buddha, or whatever belief you have.  You are strong – and haven’t worried about a short or long future…you show us courage.  Thank you.


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