Internet Sites and Books to Read

Web Sites and Books - a Little Research Can't Hurt

Web Sites and Books - a Little Research Can't Hurt

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There are some great web sites and books out there that may be of comfort and help to you, your family, and friends….this is  just a REAL small stab at it!
Compassion and Choices –
Supporting “Choice and Care at the End of Life”
Assisted Dying  Blog – ERGO –   
Derek Humphrey
Dying with Dignity –   
Sponsored by Dignity National Center. They offer an excellent Research Center and a blog that allows email – – she will explain to you about the organization and if approved, you will be able to do your own writing and tell about experiences you would like to share
Information from Wikipedia –
Dignity in Dying –
 Assisted Suicide – Tread Lightly – We all need to know what the laws are
A dash of humor thrown in now and then and some common sense
E-Book and Hard Copy Book –
Derek Humphrey Speaks Out – Humphrey
A Man With A Mission  and a Big Heart
ERGO bookstore – Drop By and See the Offerings…
Do a Google search and you’ll findthe ERGO Bookstore – Pick-up “Good Life, Good Death”
To Die Well by Sidney Wanzer, M.D. and Joseph Glennwillen, M.D.
A practical guide for those of us who are dying and our families who are going through it with us
Because you’ve Never Died Before by Kathleen J. Rusnak, PH.D
This tiny book covers a lot for a big subject – practical and sensitive writing and thoughts
Books for Lots of People! –
 A wonderful, intelligent source of books to help

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