Mending Fences

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I believe one of the most difficult things to do is the simple act of forgiveness.  I know, I know…I can hear you say, “nah, that’s not difficult. . . I let things go all the time.”  But, do we really, really “let go?”  Forgiveness of others is perhaps a bit easier, but over the past several years I’ve come to realize that forgiveness of myself is not an easy feat.
Letting go of past mistakes, mis-placed anger…forgiveness of self…that’s tougher than it sounds.  We are our own best critics.  And, some of us have had years of practice! 
One thing I’d like to do before I die is to forgive everyone who has hurt me and forgive myself for wanting to drop kick that person who hurt me!  But perhaps the buttt needing kicked is my own.
Hold the hand of that lost friend

Hold that hand of your lost friend - if we could all learn to do this more often, we'll feel better for it!

As the clock ticks and the years have piled up, so have our mis-understandings and arguements with others.  Right now I’m trying to take this time in my life to forgive, forget, and let go of anger.  If you are like us, and know there’s limited time to live, now is a wonderful time to end the discomfort of hatred and anger.

Did you ever see The Bucket List?  ….a superb movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson as the major players, this movie was a touchstone for many people.  It had a terrific message besides being blessed with a great cast.  There were several great lessons throughout the movie, once you got past the obvious – two older fellows who had things left “un-done” and a bit of time left on earth to do those things they needed to do for themselves and others.

Number one on my list of mending fences is to mend my own fence in my own heart.  Forgive myself.  Let it go.  Know that I am an “okay” person!

Number two on my list of mending fences is to face the people I have wronged in the past and ask for their forgiveness.  And while I’m at it, not repeat the same stupid or heartless thing!  So, while we whimper to ourselves about our impending death, perhaps we should turn it around.  Let’s try to be a little grateful for the time we’ve been given to make things right with that old friend who we blew off, the guy that we thought ripped us off, and people who we have held grudges with through the years.  All that baggage can go away . . . we have the control and time to clean up our messes!


Apologize (flowers - optional!)

Funny thing about holding on to grudges.  Usually the only person hurt by the grudge or anger is yourself…the other person wasn’t suffering…YOU were!  Take the power you have and make it stop.  You’ll sleep better at night – I guarantee it.


4 thoughts on “Mending Fences

  1. Hey Cuz,

    For some crazy reason I missed this new blog of yours, or if you told me about it I thought it was a continuation of the old one that always let me know when you had posted something new.

    As you know, we also live with our own mortality. Cancer for one of us and Heart Disease for the other are our own form of Damocles’ Swords. So far the single hair is holding.

    Hope to see more of you now that I have it figured out.

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