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Our neighbor Leo is going through a lot of pain in his life – this past week he was hooked up to Oxygen, and it appears that he will be on that until he passes away.  He is the first to admit it – – he smoked like a chimney most of his life, and that’s the reason he has lung cancer.  It’s difficult to accept, but he’s hanging in like a trooper.
This morning I saw him sitting out in front of his trailer taking in some sun, watching the neighborhood come awake, so I walked over and yakked a bit with him.  He’s very unhappy about the the Oxygen, and I don’t blame him a bit.  So, now he turns off the Oxygen and has a smoke once in awhile.  “Hey, I’m dying anyway, so what the hell,” he commented this morning.  …can’t say I blame him. 
I just helped convince him into turning the Oxygen off when he’s taking a drag, ’cause I don’t really want to blow up with him!  He said he would do that out of kindness to us!
Leo doesn’t have much time left in the world and he knows it. 
He’s a terrific guy, has a great sense of humor, and I feel blessed to have met him and made friends.  Perhaps he’ll get lucky – – you never know.  If there was a person whom I wish GOOD luck for – it’s him.
See you tomorrow, Leo.

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