The Wonder of One Year…

This past year has been one with much pain – physical, mental, and emotional.  Our health took a huge turn for the worse.  Suffering physical illness together is something that is kinda’ impossible to describe (let alone understand in the the first place).  We have a partial understanding, partial diagnosis, and complete fear and pain.  And, weirdly enough we’re doing it together.

If you have hit this page because you are dying – – and would like to find some places to visit on the web or books to read, we’re going to put them up on a separate posting with links and reviews for the different places on-line or hard-copy books that may help you.

And, we hope that you’ll be willing to reply with sharing some of your favorites too.  Life is a bumpy ride, but we think you’ll agree that dying is one of the events that we didn’t sit around planning for and arranging.  So…we live with quite a bit of confusion and fear once we find out that we’re on the ride. 

This “ticket to ride” was provided as a one-way ticket; and that’s not the easiest message. 

2011 has been a year of many losses for us.  Now, 2012 has arrived, and we are limping down the road together; grateful for the love we have for each other and the ability to be open and honest with each other about our feelings.  Each night as I fall asleep, I kiss Richard’s cheek, and whisper my love to him and he whispers the same message back.  We pray that we will both awaken the next morning in each other’s arms.  Although the pain sucks, we would still rather endure the pain than lose our life in the night.

It’s sad.  I cry….although the tears won’t solve our illness, they do sometimes help me move through the pain and back to the job of living.  So, I don’t think we should get down on ourselves for crying or being emotional.  After all, feelings have to be acknowledged and understood. 

Later this week, look for a posting of Links and Resources on Dying.  We hope that they will be helpful and bring some peace to your life – as they have for us.

Now, we’re looking at 2012.  Square in the face.  Wonder what it will bring.


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