Poisoning, et al

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Almost 3 years and we are still “living” through the heavy metal  poisoning.  There are days that I cannot get out of bed (usually!), and other days when I feel a little better, and am able to motor through the day without too much pain.

Uranium and tungsten poisoning appear to be “sister poisoning.”  They are very close to each other in the way that they harm your body.  Yesterday we were talking about this and all of the research we have done through the years…we figure that collectively we have done about 10,900 hours of research – trying to figure out what, why, possible cures, , etc. etc. 

That’s a whole heck of a lot of reading and studying. 

Personally, I have finally given up.  Just last week  we looked seriously into transplanting.  After a bunch of reading and calling places that run clinicals for transplants we realized that this was nutso!  Why continue doing something like this for years and years?  Yes, we want to be cured…oh so bad…but to have our bodies sliced open from stem to stern with  only HOPE  – it’s not sensible.  I read somewhere that this particular procedure has very little  potential for success.  Approximately 17 people have had the procedure, and about 3 people have survived.  Not very good odds, huh?

Scratch that one off the list.


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