Opium – Patches, Pills, Liquid

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Unfortunately we have to deal with our pain with the use of medications.  In our case, our pain is contained mostly with opium and morphine.  I hate the feeling of the drugs.  It’s difficult to think straight.  I can’t believe people actually get addicted to these drugs and ENJOY them.  I think that’s weird!

There are times that I cry when I know that I’ve got to take opium or whatever drug needed to contain the pain.  I cry because I don’t like to feel the “creepies” of the medicines.  Pain management is not an easy deal for a patient.  I wonder what doctors and nurses feel about it…do they understand what their patients feel?

About 4-1/2 years ago I was mis-diagnosed with epilepsy.- had what looked like a seizure …I ended up getting dumped into the ER of one of the famous hospitals in Las Vegas . . . known for it’s extra specialty capabilities of being one of the worst  in the world.  Immediately they poured Dilantin into me – ASSUMING that I had epilepsy.  We were naive and took the words of several neurology “specialists,” and for 1-1/2 years after that, I had seizures constantly inspite of the medication – at one point I was taking 26 pills day simply to “stave off” seizures.  After many hospital ER emergency visits, being practically brain dead but trying so hard everyday to keep going to work, doing the best I could do – I felt that I was dying.

I was.

At one hospital emergency visit in the dead of night a neurologist reviewed my case and came into my room in the ER.  He said, “Patti, I don’t think you have epilepsy and I want to find out what you DO have and get you fixed.” 

From there he put me into a neurology ward, took me slowly off the epilepsi drugs I was plowed with, and in about 5 days I left the hospital. ..without seizures.  I will always believe this doctor saved my life.  He spent time and researched about my case, he ran tests, and most of all CARED.


Now today Richard and I have been diagnosed with uranium, tungsten, and arsenic poisoning.  Frightening and so weird.  Three years ago our symptoms started.

Here’s a good one:  we have identical symptoms.  But the doctors have determined that we have different medical conditions.  What a hoot.  At the start of testing they said that Richard has carcinoid tumors and I possibly had HIV.

Well, if that were the case, I think we would be on the front page of the newspaper – “Couple Has Identical Symptoms Yet Have Completely Different Diseases.”


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