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Facing death, dealing with the raw emotions, the pain, humility, and fears of this mandatory event (I call it the “command performance” now)  in our lives can be devastating to every one. Family, friends, of course – yourself, and even those people around who we never really knew. I’ve even heard of enemies being distraught over the death of the person(s) that they hate.  …probably because now they’ve now been robbed of their opportunity to expend emotions that they previously enjoyed  spending their time with…*weird-but I believe it*

We are all dying.  For most us and our families, it’s not an easy journey . . . more difficult for some than others.  But, any way you look at this reality, it IS reality.  And, this command performance needs to be addressed in one way or another.

Why not start with bringing beauty into our lives right now?!  How many flowers have we just passed by?  How many strangers smiles have be ignored?!

It's time to reflect on the beauty in our lives

We think that dying should be an event of love, grace, and dignity.  But, it surely isn’t that for most people.

When my husband and I found out that we had entered this reality of dying (and oddly at the same time with the same condition), we wanted to find a place to express ourselves.  After a few false starts on blogging in the past, we arrived here to tell our story, and if we can help someone else in a similar situation, we’ll be pleased.

If you are dying in the traditional environment of the United States, you too  have spent thousands of hours, maybe over a hundred thousand of dollars on doctors and medicines . . . oh yes, let us not forget the quacks along the way (!) grasping at every penny you will give them.

You are not alone

We're not alone in this drama of life and death...it came with the territory for each and every one of us. ...just in different ways...

This is our little corner of the world that we decided to create for our own thoughts of death – which is coming more and more quickly.  It’s also a corner of the world that we want you to share if you have something to add.  …and, if you are dying, there’s little doubt that you have much to offer.

So, we hope you will contribute to “Dying with Dignity WORDPRESS.”  Derek Humphrey and numerous individuals all over the world have been working diligently to change legislation and laws in order to allow humans the same benefit that we offer our family pets – a chance to die with the least amount of pain and suffering as possible.  We do not intend to step on the toes of any organization that incorporates the phrase or name Dying with Dignity.